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Get On Forbes

Spynn offers personalized services such as writing and editing, as well as providing the necessary connections to get your piece published in Forbes and other globally leading publications
Get in CEO Weekly

Profile Features

Being interviewed by a reputable magazine like CEO Weekly can have several benefits for your personal brand. Enjoy increased visibility and credibility helping establish you as an authority in your field. Share your story and expertise and inspire and educate others. Enhancing your company’s image contributing to its success and growth.
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Demonstrate Your Knowledge

A concise, opinion-driven article presenting your unique viewpoint on a relevant topic or industry trend. This format allows you to express your thoughts clearly and directly. A comprehensive, in-depth exploration of a topic or trend, backed by research, data, and examples. This format is suitable for thought-provoking pieces that engage readers and encourage deeper thinking
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Build Your Brand’s Reputation

Sharing company news on well-respected platforms elevates your brand’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of potential clients, investors, and partners. A company announcement on a popular platform can drive more traffic to your website or social media channels and generate greater interest in your products or services.
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Piggy Back Of Your Competitors

A list-style article that highlights key points, milestones, or takeaways and compares you to your main competitors, helping you rank on their brand terms. This format is easily digestible and ideal for readers seeking quick insights.

Coverage in Top Fashion Publications


The little-known PR secrets top influencers use to get featured in Vogue, Grazia, Marie Claire, Elle and L'Officiel in 30 days or less.

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Our insider contact list reveals the direct email addresses and phone numbers of editors at all the top fashion blogs and magazines.

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Our free fashion PR masterclass reveals how we helped regular brands get featured by top fashion influencers with no agency experience.

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Got a great fashion brand but no publicity to show for it? Get our free fashion brand media kit template to start pitching editors at Vogue, Grazia, Marie Claire, Elle and L'Officiel like a pro!

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Link Building Secrets Revealed

Tired of endlessly creating fashion content and waiting months to see page 1 rankings? Our proprietary PR techniques instantly publish high-authority backlinks that Google loves, sending your rankings soaring overnight. Our exclusive Backlink Multiplier builds tier-1 links on authority domains like Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire!

Trust & Credibility

Finally revealed…The little-known authority secret that forces 53% more prospects to whip out their credit cards and buy from you. Tired of prospects doubting if your no-name business can actually deliver results?  Sick of paying a fortune to advertise and seeing weak conversion rates? Get our free case study showing how we helped a startup immediately increase revenue by 33%.

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Digital Footprint

Control the way your customers see you on Google. Our articles allow you to demonstrate to prospective clients that you are notable, having received write ups & news stories from prominent, global news sites. Goes a long way to helping close the deal. Got an amazing business but feel like you’re invisible next to big brand names? Access our exclusive PR Rolodex containing direct contacts at Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg and other major outlets hungry for great stories. 


What sucсess looks like

Spynn built our business from launch to $30m in top-line revenue in 2 years. Being featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mashable, The Guardian, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance gave new customers the trust they needed to sign up with us.

Our return on investment has been over 100:1 – that blows my mind. I haven’t found a better kick start in business since starting as an entrepreneur all the way back in 2006. Forget ChatGPT, Spynn is the hack you can’t live without”

Annabelle Sparks, Global Head of Marketing

Global Recognition Awards



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  • 3 Publications over the Term
  • 3 Month Minimum Term
  • Money Back Guarantee*
  • Cancellation after the Term
  • Terms & Conditions Apply*


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  • 1 Publication / mo
  • Month to Month
  • Money Back Guarantee*
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Grow your fashion  brand

Spynn teaches you the little-known PR secrets top influencers use to get featured in Vogue, Grazia, Marie Claire, Elle and L’Officiel in 30 days or less

Choose your goal

Immediate Trust

Finally revealed… The 3 little-known trust triggers that make top fashion editors beg to feature your brand. Spynn has the answers. 

Tired of having your pitches deleted and ignored by picky influencers?  Struggling with no press connections while watching no-name competitors get viral features? Contact our experts to discover what top pubs are desperately seeking brands for.

We’ll open our exclusive Blackbook containing the direct contact details and home addresses of 3,000 global fashion editors along with their coffee orders – because everyone loves hand-delivered caffeine!

This trust, once established, can propel a brand’s growth and success, as loyal customers become ambassadors who spread the word and recommend the brand to others.

Improve On-Site Conversion Rate

Publicity can significantly impact a brand’s on-site website conversion rate by driving highly targeted and engaged traffic to the site. Spynn will teach you the 3 little-known psychological triggers that can 2X your website sales almost overnight. If you are tired of pouring money into ads only to see weak conversions from site visitors,  our proprietary Publicity Power Formula leverages press mentions to instill credibility that drives prospects to whip out their credit cards.

Sick of faceless brands stealing market share by leveraging their size and flashy ads? Access our Rolodex of 3,000 global fashion editors always seeking real customer stories to publish – leveling the playing field for smaller brands.

This trust fosters an environment where website visitors feel more confident in taking the next step, whether it be submitting a lead form or completing a purchase, ultimately driving up conversion rates and bolstering the brand’s bottom line.

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Google Rankings

Publicity can be a valuable asset in improving a fashion brand’s rankings on Google search by generating high-quality followed backlinks. When a brand garners media coverage, guest blog posts, or influencer endorsements, the content produced often includes links back to the brand’s website. These backlinks, particularly when originating from authoritative and relevant sources, signal to search engines that the website is trustworthy and valuable. As a result, Google’s algorithm takes these followed backlinks into account when determining a website’s search ranking. The more high-quality backlinks a brand acquires through its publicity efforts, the more likely it is to experience a boost in search visibility, driving increased organic traffic and fostering long-term growth.

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For emerging fashion labels seeking to establish credibility amidst endless hype and noise, a strategic publicity program can provide the jet fuel to launch your brand into the stratosphere. While countless designers fight tooth-and-nail for a fleeting moment in the spotlight, our unmatched media connections guarantee your brand will secure authority-building placements in the most respected fashion publications like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. Readers trust these iconic mastheads, so a single painstakingly-laid mention instantly imbues your clothes with credibility that money can’t buy. Furthermore, we harness the credibility halo from our media partners and channel it directly onto your website and social pages via a digital badge system. Now when prospects discover your label independently, they are met with the immediate social proof that you are a serious player approved by the fashion world’s exclusive inner circle. Credibility opens doors for partnerships, investment, and longevity that fly-by-night companies never reach. Our publicity paves that path to long-term brand success.

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Launching a fashion brand without a comprehensive online publicity strategy is leaving opportunity and revenue on the table. While runway shows and print campaigns possess undeniable allure, their analog nature prevents scaling awareness at the pace modern brands require. Our uniquely tailored digital publicity crusades plant your brand directly in the streams of your online audience across channels from Instagram to TikTok, permeating their feeds with targeted brand impressions through influencer promotions, hashtag campaigns, and social sweepstakes. We leverage our unparalleled media connections to secure brand features on the fashion world’s most trafficked digital publications, flooding your website and social channels with highly qualified visitors. Furthermore, we activate our network of over 5,000 fashion journalists and editors to proliferate exponential organic reach across platforms through reposts and shares. Where traditional PR stops at simplistic vanity metrics, our data-driven digital publicity machine tracks and optimizes every campaign for maximum awareness, traffic, and sales. We blaze the path for online fashion domination.

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Explosive Growth For Your Fashion Brand

Potent Driver of Sales

Spynn has secured thousands of fashion placements and editorials in tier 1 publications. From Vogue, to Elle, Marie Claire and L'Officiel, fashion start-ups enjoy our instant fame and noteriety. Publicity plays a crucial role in elevating a fashion brand's market presence and allure. When a fashion label garners media attention, it not only heightens its visibility but also enhances its prestige in the eyes of potential customers. This spotlight allows the brand to demonstrate its unique style and quality to a wider audience, creating an air of exclusivity and desirability. The intrigue generated by this exposure encourages consumers to explore and purchase the brand's offerings, leading to increased sales. This boost in revenue is driven by both new customers drawn in by the buzz and loyal patrons reassured by the positive attention. In essence, effective publicity transforms a fashion brand into a sought-after name, propelling it into the limelight and driving its commercial success.

Create A Buzz

Securing publicity in prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire can be a game-changer for a fashion brand. Such high-profile exposure spotlights the brand's unique attributes, sparking widespread interest and conversation in the fashion community. This buzz attracts fashion enthusiasts and potential customers, eager to explore what sets the brand apart. As they delve into the brand's world through its online presence, captivated by the allure and prestige associated with such esteemed publications, these individuals are more likely to engage deeply, subscribing to newsletters, downloading exclusive content, or inquiring for more details. This journey from intrigued readers to devoted customers, initiated by the glamour and influence of Vogue and Marie Claire features, lays the foundation for the brand's enduring success and growth in the competitive fashion industry.

Amplify Reach & Credibility

Fashion publicity significantly enhances a brand's online reach and amplification, directly impacting its revenue growth. When a fashion brand is featured in popular media, its digital footprint expands exponentially, attracting a wider audience online. This heightened visibility increases the brand's perceived value and prestige, enabling it to command higher prices for its trendy and sought-after products. Moreover, positive fashion publicity fosters a loyal online following. Enthusiastic customers often become brand advocates, sharing their experiences and recommendations across social media platforms, blogs, and online forums. This organic word-of-mouth amplification not only brings in repeat business but also attracts new customers who trust peer endorsements. Consequently, these dynamics contribute to a stronger and more lucrative online presence, fueling the brand's continuous growth and influence in the competitive digital fashion marketplace.

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