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As leading luxury and lifestyle PR experts, we specialize in building the reputations and visibility of premium brands, retailers, hospitality companies, travel services, and more. Our team of former journalists and communications specialists secure strategic media placements and powerful profiling opportunities. Our aim is to rapidly amplify our clients’ brand equity, industry influence, and business growth through targeted media impressions.

Get On Forbes

Spynn offers personalized services such as writing and editing, as well as providing the necessary connections to get your piece published in Forbes and other globally leading publications
Get in CEO Weekly

Profile Features

Being interviewed by a reputable magazine like CEO Weekly can have several benefits for your personal brand. Enjoy increased visibility and credibility helping establish you as an authority in your field. Share your story and expertise and inspire and educate others. Enhancing your company’s image contributing to its success and growth.
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Demonstrate Your Knowledge

A concise, opinion-driven article presenting your unique viewpoint on a relevant topic or industry trend. This format allows you to express your thoughts clearly and directly. A comprehensive, in-depth exploration of a topic or trend, backed by research, data, and examples. This format is suitable for thought-provoking pieces that engage readers and encourage deeper thinking
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Build Your Brand’s Reputation

Sharing company news on well-respected platforms elevates your brand’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of potential clients, investors, and partners. A company announcement on a popular platform can drive more traffic to your website or social media channels and generate greater interest in your products or services.
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Piggy Back Of Your Competitors

A list-style article that highlights key points, milestones, or takeaways and compares you to your main competitors, helping you rank on their brand terms. This format is easily digestible and ideal for readers seeking quick insights.

Gain Exposure in Top Luxury & Lifestyle Publications

Unlock Greater Visibility

We guarantee global fame to your luxury or lifestyle brand through top luxury & lifestyle magazines. Our unique PR agency gives your brand an advantage to stand out.

Showcase Your Brand to Global Audiences

Our custom PR campaigns feature your luxury or lifestyle brand in leading magazines like GQ, House & Garden, Grazia and Elle. We attract more customers worldwide.

Boost Brand Credibility

Experience elevated brand credibility, robust customer engagement, and skyrocketing website conversion rates, propelling sales.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Our extraordinary service is a global pioneer, poised to give your brand a competitive edge unmatched in the industry.

Fast 72-Hour Feature

With a 72-hour publication turnaround time for some publications, coupled with a money-back assurance, we enable luxury and lifestyle brands to leverage top publications.

Why Choose Us As Your Lifestyle PR Partner?

Global News, Guaranteed

Guaranteed PR On Global News Sites

Luxury & Lifestyle

Boost Credibility

Getting your business featured on premium outlets like Vogue, GQ, and Grazia builds immense trust and gets more prospects to purchase from you. Having the Spynn name attached and showcasing the caliber of features we secure proves your product, service, or brand stands out from the competition. It shows you run with the elite.

Rank Higher on Google

Our exclusive articles are published on reputable sites, earning high-quality backlinks that improve your SEO authority. Check Google to witness the ranking ascent after our campaign. One hit article can make years of incremental progress seem tiny. We unlock that instant authority that search engines love.

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Increase Website Traffic

On top of credibility, the articles we place typically produce 150+ new visitors to your website immediately after publishing. And you’ll continue reaping more organic traffic over ensuing days, weeks, and months – likely amounting to thousands more new eyes on your brand. That added exposure expands your reach and brand familiarity.

What sucсess looks like

Spynn built our business from launch to $30m in top-line revenue in 2 years. Being featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mashable, The Guardian, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance gave new customers the trust they needed to sign up with us.

Our return on investment has been over 100:1 – that blows my mind. I haven’t found a better kick start in business since starting as an entrepreneur all the way back in 2006. Forget ChatGPT, Spynn is the hack you can’t live without”

Annabelle Sparks, Global Head of Marketing

Global Recognition Awards



$1,990 / mo
  • 3 Publications over the Term
  • 3 Month Minimum Term
  • Money Back Guarantee*
  • Cancellation after the Term
  • Terms & Conditions Apply*


$2 990 / mo
  • 1 Publication / mo
  • Month to Month
  • Money Back Guarantee*
  • Cancellation after Month 1
  • Terms & Conditions Apply*

Boost your luxury & lifestyle brand

Spynn reveals insider techniques to get your luxury brand featured in prestigious publications like Grazia, Vogue, and L’Officiel. Enjoy instant fame and credibility.

Choose your goal

Get Noticed by Luxury Shoppers

Finally, the secret to getting the attention of high-end shoppers is revealed – be featured in top magazines like Vogue and Grazia! Scoring a spot in these popular glossies can seriously boost how luxury brands are seen and make shoppers take notice.

Spynn has direct access to these magazines’ editors and knows how to catch their eye. One great article can instantly make your brand look credible and stand out from the crowd better than expensive advertising. Let us pave the way for you to become a recognized name globally.

Reach Your Target Customers

Struggling to connect with wealthy shoppers? Vogue and Grazia readers love luxury items, so your story will resonate with qualified, engaged people. And with millions of readers worldwide, these magazines expand your visibility tremendously and open doors to new international markets.

We activate thousands of journalists to share your feature to amplify reach. Our data-driven approach tracks and fine-tunes every campaign for maximum views and engagement.

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Boost Your Consumer Appeal

An article in a top luxury magazine can drive website traffic and sales by translating visibility into concrete shopper interest. And unlike short-lived online ads, print features offer lasting content and backlinks that also help your SEO.

Spynn measures online engagement to gain key insights into shopper behavior and preferences, guiding future marketing efforts aimed at increasing consumer appeal and loyalty.

Rich brand stories alongside compelling magazine content can also go viral digitally. This visibility spotlights your brand recognition and affinity to new levels.

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Increase Brand Credibility

A feature in a top publication acts as a credible endorsement, making consumers trust your luxury brand more. Readers see the magazine’s approval as proof of your brand promise and standards.

Furthermore, magazine compliments get echoed across other channels, cementing brand credibility. Our network of journalists facilitates this cross-platform confirmation to reinforce your brand’s integrity and prestige.

Get in CEO Weekly

Expand Your Influencer Reach

Get your luxury products directly into the hands of prominent influencers and media stars through personalized gifting campaigns. Seeing endorsements from authority figures grants further legitimacy and inspires your target elite consumers.

We leverage our unmatched media relationships to identify and engage the trendsetters who match your brand’s identity. By converting them into real brand advocates, their combined voice serves to increase your luxury brand’s audience.

New York Weekly on Spynn

Luxury & Lifestyle Brand Growth

Boost Prestige and Appeal

High-end luxury and lifestyle magazines provide the ultimate stamp of approval and credibility for emerging brands. A feature in leading publications signals to readers that a brand meets exceptionally high standards of quality, style, and craftsmanship. It immediately elevates the brand's perceived value and prestige. In addition to credibility, magazine features provide unmatched exposure and awareness. By tapping into established reader audiences numbering in the millions, brands can enormously extend their reach and visibility to style influencers worldwide. This level of global exposure is difficult to achieve through other channels. Ultimately magazine features bestow almost priceless attention and endorsement, igniting brand momentum.

Reach Targeted Luxury Consumers

The ultra-targeted circulation of certain high-end luxury and lifestyle publications provides access to famously hard-to-reach luxury shoppers. For emerging brands, connecting with audiences that are demographically well-suited but difficult to independently access can make all the difference. Publications can provide not only the right eyeballs, but place brands directly in front of enthusiastic supporters most likely to purchase luxury goods. This pre-qualified visibility drives website traffic catalyzes conversations on social channels and widely disseminates brand narratives to receptive audiences. The ultimate result is a measurable uptick in sales and subscriptions. Spynn identifies and secures placements in front of the most valuable audiences for luxury brands.

Enjoy Lasting Exposure

While digital exposure can disappear in an instant, luxury and lifestyle magazine features deliver lasting SEO value that keeps working years after publication. Online versions, references, and citations continue directing new audiences to featured brands long after physical copies leave newsstands. Unlike other marketing, earned media exposure in trusted third-party publications provides remarkable credibility that pure advertising cannot match. Over time, the magazine features compound, building recognition, prestige, and influence for brands that earn consistent high-visibility placements. For these reasons and more, luxury and lifestyle magazines remain the time-tested method for introducing brands to audiences that have the means and taste to purchase luxury merchandise.

Luxury & Lifestyle PR - FAQ

Lifestyle public relations centers on building visibility, interest and prestige for upscale fashion, beauty, hospitality, travel brands and related aspirational companies via media placements across both trade publications and mainstream consumer outlets.

Strategic lifestyle PR strengthens reputation, conveys thought leadership, promotes new products and services, humanizes faceless corporations, and earns high-authority backlinks from aspirational sites to boost search visibility.

Top lifestyle PR firms identify relevant lifestyle news hooks for commentary, optimize pitches for intended publications, emphasize unique brand selling points over competitors, and leverage editor relationships to guarantee regular features.

The central goal is driving increased positive sentiment, website referral traffic, backlinks, and new business leads by spotlighting brands across prestige aspirational media and mainstream outlets.

Decade-plus editor relationships, lifestyle sector expertise, and proven campaign success set elite agencies apart in securing regular features for client brands across all major aspirational publications.

Category expertise allows tailored messaging resonance with upscale fashion, beauty, hospitality, travel and related sectors for superior campaign outcomes versus generalist firms lacking lifestyle vertical insights.

Consult a Spynn expert for complementary, one-on-one help.